Dear customer,

If you are visiting this page, it’s very likely because you are exploring quality data providers for stocks (or “stonks”, as some say). I was in your exact shoes for many years.

Like so many of you, I’m greatly passionate about markets, but finance was not my full time job.

What happens is you’ll spend hundreds of hours trying to collect / maintain / fix / clean the data (free), instead of doing the actual analysis. When you give up and decide to try for a professional vendor (paid), it’s the same experience. Hundreds of hours extracting from an API, with data equally as bad.

The time and energy is not worth it. Collecting data is a never-ending process.

Ten Dollar Data was founded because we want you to start using the data immediately.

All our data comes with 4 months of free updates and a “data pledge”. If you purchase our data, but do not have the time to explore it, you can for the next 100 years, ask us for a free update. No questions asked.

We work hard to provide what’s clearly the best value for 90% of people because we know how fun and rewarding deriving insights can be.

Markets can be humbling. So whatever you do, stay safe and enjoy your journey.


Owner & Analyst @Ten Dollar Data

The cheapest professional-quality historical stock data on the market.

No API. Download and explore the data in one minute.

Primary Data

Intraday Price (Minute) Data  (1991 – Present)
Daily Price & Market Cap  (1970 – Present)
Financial Statements (1994 – Present)

Event Data

Historical Earnings Data (2002 – Present)
Historical Dividends Data (1990 – Present)
Historical Stock Splits Data (1990 – Present)
Historical IPOs Data (2004 – Present)

Alternative Data

13Fs (hedge fund holdings) (2013 – Present)
Options Volume (2018 – Present)
Analyst Grades (1990 – Present)